I thrive on randomness and bursts of inspiration. Drag around to view structured chaos in my sketchbook.


Material : Pen and Ink on paper

Dimensions : 41" x 30"

Summary : Materialism is the mode of acquisition in a modern consumer society. All progress and social movement is a result of our interaction with the material world. Our aspiration is fuelled by ownership and desire and we pursue objects to gain success, increase happiness, compete with one another, express ourselves and fulfil our needs every day. We need more and more, we use more and more and we waste more and more. Our world slowly turns Kafkaesque; our possessions surround and suck us in like quicksand. The same objects that reduce loneliness now start to distort around us and lead to feelings of loneliness by overpowering our authentic personality.

Duration :  2.5 weeks


Material : Collage Series, Mixed media on paper (acrylic, collage, soft pastels)

Dimensions : 21" x 29” each

Summary : A Series depicting the complex times we live in, fraught with moments of intense highs and gut wrenching lows. The emotional and physical upheavals are akin to being set adrift to navigate impossibly rocky seas. Pain, loss, violence, anxiety, fear of rejection, isolation all play a part in fracturing our psyche till we seem to operate mindlessly in a state of fragmentation.

Duration : 3.5 weeks