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Title : Second Skin

Material : Bristol, needle & thread

Project : Transforming bristol using the art of paper folding to create my own armour - depicting the power I feel on the inside and wearing it for the world to see. The challenge was to keep the Bristol rigid yet flexible enough to respond to my movements. 

Title : Evergreen

Material : Metal scrapture 

Dimensions : Base : 15cm x 15cm Height : 28cm

Project : While observing the world around me, I often see depictions of nature that immerse me in warm hues of green, blue and yellow presenting the tangibility and optimism of spring and summer moods. My view and representation is a primal one and I am attracted to the essence of nature, the very core of what makes the planet immortal. Leaves will fall, birds will shed feathers and the hues will fade but the true positive force of nature can never be obliterated. Seen here is a bird and a tree, stripped yet beautiful in their immortality.

Title : Material Eggs

Material : Bristol, 3D Printing, Q tips, plastic forks, zip ties, thread, Plywood

Dimensions : Base : 15cm x 15cm Height : 28cm

Project : The purpose of this project was to build using unconventional materials and methods. I created a total of 4 eggs, 2 of them were handmade using everyday materials (q tips & plastic cutlery) and 2 of them were 3D Printed (designs created on rhino). It was a challenge for me to resist from using glue and after much struggle, I used an unorthodox method to attach materials - zip ties. I also later constructed a crate for my eggs using plywood.