A world of subconscious associations.


The Surrealist Movement stood for non-rational and bizarre portrayal of the things we see everyday. It was rooted in the idea of reuniting conscious and unconscious realms of experience so that the world of dreams and fantasies would be joined to the everyday rational world. 

With this design, I wanted to challenge what makes a ‘Good Typeface’. Factors like a limited color palette or consistency in type were secondary (without compromising on the legibility). Each letter here is inspired by elements from a specific Surrealist painting. Transforming something familiar with unfamiliar elements is what further enhances the

dream-like visuals Surrealism inspires.

Classification :  

Decorative Typeface / Display Typeface

Suited For :  

Signage, Headlines, Posters

Artists Included :  

Joan Miro

M C Escher

Salvador Dali

Max Ernst

René Magritte

Yves Tanguy

Kay Sage



The Tilled Field, Joan Miro​

Swans Reflecting Elephants, Salvador Dali

Persistence Of Memory, Salvador Dali

The Elephants Celebes, Max Ernst

Harlequin’s Carnival, Joan Miro​

Little Machine Constructed by Minimax Dadamax in Person, Max Ernst

Man in Bowler Hat, René Magritte

Day and Night, M C Escher

The Great Masterbator, Salvador Dali

Little Machine Constructed by Minimax Dadamax in Person, Max Ernst

The Tilled Field, Joan Miro​